All Standard SUNRISE Machines include a 3-Year Parts Warranty! Service, parts, and lifetime technical support are based in Maryland and our dedicated dealers around the country.

SUNRISE Ironworkers are designed with multi-functions to save labor, time, energy, and cost. This versatility allows the SUNRISE Ironworkers to meet the diversified needs of the metal fabricating industry. Currently, Sunrise has the highest reviews of any ironworker brand on the market today.

K-Series Ironworkers

The K-Series is a special designed ironworker with vertical movement on all stations. The entire main slide moves in an up and down motion to provide optimum results for punching, shearing, notching and bending. Standard features include gauge tables, LED work light, electric back-gauge and more.

Dual Cylinder Ironworkers

The Sunrise Dual-Cylinder Ironworkers range in capacity from 66 Tons to 185 Tons and feature high-speed cylinders with two-position foot pedals allowing two operators to work simultaneously. The robust dual-cylinder machine is the workhorse of the Sunrise line-up. Standard features include structural die-block, 5 independent stations, 2″ punch capacity, integrated structural steel shear and many more.

Single Cylinder Ironworkers

The Single Cylinder ironworkers from Sunrise offer a wide range of features in a user-friendly and robust single-operator design. Features include adjustable stroke, swing away stripper and multiple tool options.

Single-End Punches

The Single-End Punching Machines from Sunrise range in capacity from 40 Tons to 220 Tons.  Special designed patented hydraulic cylinders enable the machine to retract faster, also making the cylinders slimmer. All optional tooling on the PM machines can also be utilized on the punch station of the dual-cylinder Ironworkers, turning the punching machine into a truly universal machine.

Semi-Automatic CNC Ironworkers

The semi-automatic CNC positioning tables from SUNRISE are plate and angle positioning systems with user-friendly interfaces. The CNC positioning table is available as a factory-installed option on any dual-cylinder ironworker or punching machine with a 20” or larger throat depth. The operation and programming are CNC controlled using a pendant mounted controller featuring simple programming and a virtually indestructible design. The operator simply positions the plate against the CNC-controlled X and Y stops and initiates the punch program.

Fully Automatic CNC Ironworkers

Fully automatic CNC punch systems from SUNRISE deliver highly efficient and accurate positioning that will improve your productivity and can be mounted on any dual cylinder or punching machine from SUNRISE. The controller is easy to learn and operate, so you can begin operations almost immediately. Hydraulic clamps come with a pressure sensor for a strong grip on the material and come standard on Sunrise Automatic CNC tables. Moreover, the hydraulic stripper comes with exchangeable plates to suit a variety of punching operations as well as an optional Triple Punch attachment.

CNC Software

The Sunrise CNC Software comes with all new Sunrise CNC Ironworkers and Systems when the PC Controller is added to the package.

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CNC Plate Shear

The automatic CNC plate shear is available as a factory-installed addition to any SUNRISE dual-cylinder ironworker allowing full CNC control of the plate shear to automate your cut list. Simple touch-screen programming is standard dramatically reducing manual shearing time and plate positioning

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APS – Automatic Plate Processing System

The SUNRISE APS is a fully automatic plate processing system. The Operator simply loads the flat bar onto the in-feed rollers, the system engages the plate with pneumatic clamping and squaring devices and then processes the material by automatically punching and shearing.

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ALS – Automatic Angle Processing System

The SUNRISE ALS is a fully automatic angle processing system with the option to process flat-bar as well. The operator loads the angle onto the all-steel in-feed rollers, the system engages the material with pneumatic clamping and squaring devices and then processes the material by automatically punching both legs of the angle and shearing utilizing the industrial strength rack and pinion drive system.

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ANC – Automatic Angle and Channel Punch System

The SUNRISE ANC combines a punching machine in tonnages up to 220 US, with a 20’ or 40′ single-axis fully automatic CNC in-feed system for punching of flat bar, angle and channel webs.

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