Swebend specialty machines

Spiraling, Augers, Flanging and More!


SweBend produces specialized machinery, including machines to spiral, coil, flange, and quickly roll your material.

These machines are custom-designed to efficiently and accurately bend and shape metal profiles into spiral forms, such as helical coils and augers used in various industries. CNC control facilitates easy programming and execution of complex bending sequences, including multi-pass bending and variable radius bending, allowing for the creation of customized and intricate spiral shapes. Backed by SweBend’s reputation for producing robust and durable machines, long-term reliability and consistent performance are guaranteed.

Applications include:

  • Production of spiral conveyors
  • Production of augers and flighting
  • Flanged parts, including hole-punching
  • Production of boiler tube coils
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SweBend Specialty Machines

Spiral Rolling

Spiral or Concentric Circles

Spiral rolling or 3D bending enables the user to create multiple rings using specialized attachments or spirals at different pitches using various methods.

high-speed production

Fast and automatic bending

Utilizing a varying top roll, which sets the radius, and two lower rolls, which drive the material around the top roll, an operator can rapidly produce cylinders, sometimes in as little as 3 seconds.

Augers and Flights

Farm and drilling equipment

Varying radii, pitch, and more. Customize your SweBend auger roll based on your specific requirements.


Precise Bends + Optional Hole Punching

The forming rolls on this flanging machine can be changed to create specific shapes or patterns in the flange—customizable inserts, punching capability, and more.

It probably does the most work in our shop out of all of our machines.

I’ve bought all of my machines from Trilogy. When I was ready to upgrade, I talked to them about the SweBend angle roll and plate roll machines. They’ve cut down our man hours and get us to a better product faster.

Richard Peterson

Atlantic Fabricators / Elkton, MD

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We offer a wide range of parts and services to help you maintain and repair your equipment. Whether you need a replacement part for a specific machine or general maintenance services, we have you covered.

Product Literature

Our product catalogs feature detailed information about our full range of section and plate bending machines, including specifications, features, and applications. With this information, you’ll be able to select the best Swebend solution for your specific needs.

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