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SweBend, headquartered in Hässleholm, Sweden, is the premier company specializing in bending and forming solutions.

SweBend boasts a seasoned team of engineers and mechanics, providing unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing plate and angle bending rolls.

“Precision Bending is achieved by leaving Nothing to Chance.” -Peter Nilsson, CEO

Founded by Peter Nilsson and select staff from Roundo, SweBend offers a diverse product line catering to various project needs. The team at Trilogy will guide you through the quotation process and find a solution for your most challenging projects.

From the compact SB3B-55 angle roll to the robust PB3-36 plate roll, customization options abound, featuring operator-friendly controls, robust shafts supported by SKF bearings, the highest torque on the market, rotation speed, market-leading bending forces, and the award-winning CNC control, Seven.

SweBend’s machines, renowned for durability and user-friendly operation, span applications from small workshops to large-scale industrial production, ensuring minimized cycle times and maximized production quality.

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Did you know?

  • SweBend founder Peter Nilsson began his career as an electronic engineer at Roundo in 1987. In 2001 he was appointed Technical Director, and in 2006 he became the Managing Director of Roundo before leaving in 2013.
SweBend Product Lines
SB Series
Angle and Section Rolls
The SB series feature 3-roll or 4-roll Angle and Section Bending Rolls for a wide variety of profiles including angle, flat, channel, and more.
PB-3 Series
3-Roll Plate Bending
The PB-3 Series features 3-roll double pinch models that are excellent job-shop machines in capacities to 4″ and lengths to 26′.
PB-4 Series
4-Roll Plate Bending
For extra precision and custom applications, the SB-4 series features superior 4-roll plate rolls with user-friendly CNC controls, capacities up to 4″, and lengths up to 26′.
SEVEN CNC by SweBend
Meet SEVEN, the most powerful CNC system with an intuitive, graphical interface.
The SEVEN CNC Control Is available in several versions depending on your specific requirements. Choose from CPUs with differing processing speeds, touchscreen monitors, enhanced software features, and the number of CNC-controlled axes such as side or top supports, crowning, and more.
Other Series
Flanging, Augers, and Spiraling
Specialized machines for spiral rolling flat bar, pipe and other profiles, flanging, and more. Designed to meet your exact specifications to help make a complex rolling process more manageable.

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