Exclusive distributor of North America’s top metal fabricating brands

Whether you are looking to bend metal, punch tubing, or bend custom 3D shapes with metal, we have the machine you need. Our experienced team can help you determine which brand and model is right for you.

Trilogy is the exclusive North American distributor for SweBend Bending Rolls —3-Roll and 4-Roll Plate Rolls, CNC Models, Angle and Section Rolls, and specialty rolling machines.
Choose SweBend for:
  • Best in class plate and angle bending machinery
  • Manual and CNC equipped
  • Complex rolling solutions
  • Fully automatic rolling systems
  • Ultimate reliability and minimal down time
  • Flanging, spiraling, augers, and more!
We are the exclusive Unites States distributor of this trusted brand of Ironworkers, Single-End Punches, and Processing Lines with a best in the business 3 year warranty.
Choose Sunrise for:
  • 38-220 Capacities
  • Fully automatic Angle and Plate Processing Lines
  • Single and Dual-Operator Ironworkers, Single-End Punches, and more!
We are the exclusive North American distributor of 3-Roll and 4-Roll Plate Rolls that set the standard for quality and value.
Choose Lemas for:
  • Small to medium sized plate bending rolls
  • Affordable prices and quick delivery
  • Market proven performance and reliability
  • Best in class warranty
We are the exclusive North American distributor of quality-priced Turkish Plate and Angle Rolls from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Choose Synergy for:
  • 3 and 4 Roll Plate Bending Rolls
  • Affordability and reliability
  • Great for job shops and contract manufacturers
  • Superior technical support
We are the exclusive North American distributor of the world’s most advanced aluminum bending machines. Ideal for overhead tracks, solar shading, and aerodynamic vehicle parts.
Choose Inductaflex for:
  • Bending and rolling of complex aluminum profiles and extrusions
  • 3D bending and rolling systems
  • Custom solutions
Exclusive North American distributor of high-quality, customizable tube punching machines from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Choose BSP for:
  • Specialized systems for punching and processing tubes, pipes and profiles
  • Automated systems for high volume tube punching
  • Simple manual systems for more basic applications
  • Superior technical support
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Whether you need assistance quoting a new machine, help with service and parts, or simply want to learn more about the features and capabilities of your machinery, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the information you need.

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