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About Sunrise

Since 1983, Sunrise has specialized in manufacturing ironworkers, punching machines, bending machines, and other hydraulic machinery and equipment. Each machine is manufactured to the highest standards, with multiple functions to save time and labor costs.

Their innovative team is passionate about providing engineering excellence in everything they do; building world-class, high-value products for their global customers.

All manual Sunrise machines include a 3-year Parts Warranty.
Service, parts, and lifetime technical support are based in Maryland, with dedicated dealers nationwide.

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Sunrise Product Lines
K Series
K-Series Ironworker | 50-66 Tons
The K-Series is a special designed ironworker with vertical movement on all stations. The entire main slide moves in an up and down motion to provide optimum results for punching, shearing, notching and bending.
PM Series
Single End Punch Ironworker – 40-220 Tons
The Single-End Punching Machines from Sunrise range in capacity from 40 to 220 tons. Special designed patented hydraulic cylinders enable the machine to retract faster, also making the cylinders slimmer.
S/SD Series
Dual Cylinder Ironworkers | 66-185 Tons
The cornerstone of the Sunrise brand. Dual-Cylinder/Dual-Operator design and powerful capabilities, S/D series ironworkers enhance productivity and precision in metal fabrication operations. Available in 66-185 Tons | 5″-8″ Angle | 14″ – 30″ Flat Bar and more!
Horizontal Bending Machine (HBM)
Horizontal Bending Machine | 45 and 82 Tons
The Sunrise HBM horizontal bending machines, offer a wide range of tooling for different bending operations. Custom tooling and CNC back-gauges are also available.
Sunrise Semi-Automatic CNC Solutions
Sunrise Semi-CNC Solutions
Sunrise Semi-Automatic CNC Solutions include semi-CNC punching, automatic shearing, and linear punching systems.
APS Series
Automatic Plate Processing System – 12″ x 3/4″
The APS system is a fully automated plate processing solution that combines punching and shearing capabilities to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and increase productivity.
ALS Series
Automatic Angle Processing System | 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ Angle
The ALS system is a versatile and automated angle line solution that efficiently punches and shears angles and flat-bars up to 6″ x 1/2″

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