SEVEN CNC by SweBend

Perfectly matched to your requirements.


Meet SEVEN, the most powerful CNC system with an intuitive, graphical interface.

No two bending applications are the same. Many factors, including material size, metal properties, spring-back, etc, can influence the bending requirements necessary to get an acceptable result. 


The SEVEN CNC Control Is available in several versions depending on your specific requirements. Choose from CPUs with differing processing speeds, touchscreen monitors, enhanced software features, and the number of CNC-controlled axes such as side or top supports, crowning, and more.

All SEVEN CNC controls feature components from Beckhoff of Germany ensuring top quality and a stable hardware platform for years to come, and all systems come with online support via team viewer to assist you with programming questions and troubleshooting any issues with the machine. 

The SEVEN CNC control can be adapted to integrate your auxiliary equipment such as robots, material handling, light curtains, and more. 

Contact us to customize CNC solution just for you.

SEVEN CNC Control features:

  • Bluetooth Control
  • Multi-axis control and Simultaneous Interpolation
  • IRMA Radius Adjustment Tool
  • Automated Design Assistant Manager
  • Simulator for Precise Product Planning

Bluetooth Controller

  • Control your machine’s functions from anywhere in the room.
  • The Bluetooth protocol handles 24 directional signals, 2 analog signals, and 4 position signals (digital readouts).

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The SEVEN X Versions:


The SEVEN Bronze Package

The  ”Seven-Bronze” package with state-of-the-art, user-friendly HMI is designed for basic machines. It includes the ability to control the position of the side bending rolls and rotation. The package includes:

  • Hardware platform (PC, I/O modules) from Beckhoff
  • 15” TFT touch screen for operator
  • HMI mounted on a wheeled control panel with joysticks, switches, and buttons
  • Interpolation (the ability to move one side roll and rotation simultaneously)
  • 3 axes (Left + Right + Rotation) are standard configuration with the possibility to add optional axes as listed in the upgraded packages below

The SEVEN Silver Package

The Seven-Silver package includes everything in the Seven-Bronze package and also includes:

  • Positioning and pressure control of the lower roll
  • 7 axes are controllable with the standard configuration
  • Advanced CNC functionality, such as the possibility to import and export programs, allowing programs to be created in the office and then exported to the machine

The SEVEN Gold Package

The Seven-Gold upgrade is our most sophisticated software available. With all the same features as the Seven-Silver, plus:

  • Ability to control all possible optional equipment to virtually any type of bending machine on the market
  • All currently available CNC functionality
  • Advanced wizards and low-level controls give you total freedom to create highly sophisticated programs while still using the same user-friendly interface
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