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Sunrise Semi-CNC Solutions

Automate your layout today.

Sunrise Semi-Automatic CNC solutions offer advanced technology and automation for efficient and precise fabrication.

With the ability to be factory-ordered on any dual-cylinder ironworker or punching machine, Sunrise provides versatile solutions for various industries. These CNC systems feature user-friendly interfaces, programmable controls, and high-quality components to ensure accuracy, repeatability, and productivity.

From semi-automated punching and shearing to long linear lengths of consecutive holes, Sunrise Semi-CNC solutions empower businesses to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional results in metal fabrication processes.

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Looking for a fully Automatic Angle or Plate automation solution?
Check out our APS – Automatic Plate System or ALS – Automatic Angle System!

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Sunrise PC Controller + Software

The Sunrise software was designed to eliminate time-consuming layouts and extra scrap from manual layout errors.

The Sunrise software gives you complete control over all aspects of your machine. From built-in error-sensing technology to manual movement, each aspect of the machine is monitored. Built-in logs, a tool library, DXF/NC1 import, and more are just the beginning.

Add the ability to manually control your workpiece, group files to make a complex program, and auto-fill your pieces to nest the entire material. The choice is yours.

The Sunrise line of CNC Ironworkers and Systems delivers more value per dollar than any other brand today. That value drives performance, efficiency, and, ultimately, profit.

The Sunrise machines offer industry-leading downtime, and around-the-clock technical support, including TeamViewer for remote monitoring.

Choose Wisely. Choose Sunrise.

Semi-Automatic CNC Positioning

The Semi-Automatic CNC positioning tables from Sunrise are plate and angle positioning systems with touch-screen interfaces. They can be factory-installed on dual-cylinder ironworkers or punching machines with a throat depth of 20″ or more. The CNC operation and programming use a pendant-mounted controller, allowing easy programming and robust durability. The operator positions the material against the CNC-controlled X and Y stops and initiates the punch program. Upgrade options include a Windows PC Controller with a 15″ Touch-Screen, WiFi, flash-memory-based Nexcom computer, and a CNC Plate Shear System for enhanced versatility.

Available CNC Table Sizes – Mounted on either an Ironworker or Single-End Punch with 20″ or larger throat depth:

16″ x 40″ | 16″ x 80″ | 16″ x 120″ | 26″ x 40″ | 26″ x 80″ | 26″ x 120″

Positioning Speed (Both Axes): Up to 590″ per Minute Variable Speed

Accuracy: +/- 0.004″ / Foot

Optional Equipment
  • 15″ PC Controller
  • Hydraulic Shear Hold-Downs
  • Hydraulic Stripper
  • Auto Punch Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Triple Punch System
  • And more!

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Sunrise ANC

Still punching long material by hand?

The Sunrise ANC combines an ironworker or single-end punch with a fully automatic CNC in-feed system for efficient punching only of flat bar, angle, and channel webs. It achieves high accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency with robust construction and precise components. The 7″ touch-screen controller allows easy programming, and the system includes a hydraulic punch stripper and pneumatic material clamping for seamless production. It has an in-feed roller table, specially designed strippers, and punching accessories. The Sunrise ANC is expandable up to 40′ in-feed based on material requirements, offering enhanced versatility for various applications.


Available Sizes:
20′ up to 40′ of automated in-feed
Must be factory installed on to any SUNRISE Punching Machine or Dual-Cylinder Ironworker.

X-Axis Positioning Speed: 490″ per Minute
Punches Per Minute: Up to 41 (3/4″ Stroke)
X-Axis Accuracy: +/- 0.004″/foot

Standard Equipment
  • 7″ Touchscreen Programmable Controller
  • 150 Program Memory
  • Pneumatic Material Clamping
  • Wide variety of custom tooling available!
Optional Equipment
  • Expandable to 40′
  • Multi-Punch Options
  • Safety Mat

CNC Plate Shear

The CNC plate shear system is a professional-grade, factory-installed addition for any Sunrise dual-cylinder ironworker. It offers standard touch-screen programming for seamless operation. The CNC plate shear system maximizes efficiency by eliminating manual shearing time and plate positioning. Operators have full control over material length, cut lengths, and desired quantity. Equipped with knurled drive rollers, hydraulic hold-down, and proximity sensors, the system ensures precision and produces top-quality parts during automated plate processing.

Available Sizes:  16″ – 30″ Widths – Up to 1″ Thickness – based on ironworker model. Only factory installed.

Positioning Speed:  Up to 40′ per Minute – Variable Speed

Accuracy: +/- 0.006″/ Foot

Standard Equipment
  • 1KW Mitsubishi servo motor driven knurled pinch roll that prevents slippage using dual-encoders for positioning accuracy
  • OMRON Touch-Screen Controller featuring multi-program memory with basic nesting ability and cut lists
  • Hydraulic Plate Hold-Down required
  • Hydraulic material clamping with dual proximity sensors for material edge detection
  • Adjustable guide rollers for squareness, including urethane rollers
  • Four feet of manual in-feed conveyor included
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