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3 and 4-Roll Plate Bending Rolls


Discover LEMAS: Your Choice for Reliable and Affordable Plate Rolls! Leveraging 25+ years of experience, LEMAS has become a trusted name in the industry for affordable plate rolling solutions.

Since 2001, LEMAS has successfully delivered thousands of 3-roll and 4-roll plate bending rolls to valued customers across North America.

LEMAS is committed to your success, which is why their machines boast the best plate-rolling warranty on the market – 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

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Lemas Product Lines
TR Series
3-Roll Plate Bending | 3′ x 13 Ga. – 10′ x 1/4″
Lemas three-roll initial pinch bending rolls feature hydraulic adjustment of the rear bending roll and the lower pinch roll, providing reliability and efficiency.
4TR Series
4-Roll Plate Bending | 4′ x 14 Ga. – 10′ x 1/4″
With two bending rolls, hydraulic controls, multiple digital readouts, and ability to handle various plate thicknesses and widths, the 4-TR Series offers versatility in bending different materials and shapes, including cylinders, cones, and more.

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