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Tube Punching


BS Punching Systems leads the industry with a complete range of tube punching machines that are able to tackle even the most challenging production requirements.

They are designed to work with a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, and copper, and are optimized to create precise and consistent holes or slots in tubes of various sizes and thicknesses.

Along with a range of standard models, BS also designs and builds specialized punching machines. Custom machines allow for increased flexibility during production as well as varying levels of automation, including loading and unloading pipes. Automatic and semi-automatic models also allow for remote service via Internet connection.

Applications include:

  • Creating holes, slots, or perforations in tubes used for frame components, chassis, roll bars, and other automotive parts
  • Punching holes or slots in tubes for assembling furniture frames, shelving systems, and other metal-based furniture products
  • Metal fabricators and job shops that manufacture tube-based components for a wide range of applications

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Service & Repairs

We offer a wide range of parts and services to help you maintain and repair your equipment. Whether you need a replacement part for a specific machine or general maintenance services, we have you covered.

Product Literature

Our product catalogs feature detailed information about our full range of tube punching machines, including specifications, features, and applications. With this information, you’ll be able to select the best BSP solution for your specific needs.

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