Trilogy in the News

Featured: Lemas Three-Roll Plate Roll

The Art of the Part

FFJournal – May 2023

An artist blurs the lines by utilizing both wood and metal in his creations.

Trilogy Machinery’s Process and People Ensure Your Success

F&M Magazine, May 2023

The team at Trilogy is the heart and soul behind this growing Metal Fabricating distributor.

Here Comes the Sun

FFJournal – April 2022

Sunrise CNC Ironworkers help a shop in Cleveland increase productivity.

Featuring: Sunrise CNC Ironworker

Handling One-Offs

ModernMetals, February 2022

Managing multiple processing functions for service centers and fabricators

Featuring: Sunrise CNC Ironworker

New Patterns

FF Journal, October 2021

Roll bender answers customer calls for machines that don’t need skilled hands to produce perfect parts and boost output

Featuring: SweBend

Perfecting the Bend

FF Journal, February 2021

New custom technology and upgrades to legacy equipment reduce setup times and give metal fabricator more control over processes.

Featuring: SweBend Angle Bending Roll

The art of training a plate rolling expert

The Fabricator, December 2020

5 guidelines for metalworking shops that want to grow plate roll operators in-house

Featuring: SweBend Four-Roll Plate Roll Three-Roll Plate Roll

Packing a punch

FF Journal, February 2019

Distributor’s pint-size, CNC-controlled bending technology shoulders the workload of larger machines

Featuring: Sunrise Horizontal Bender

Favorable trade winds

FF Journal, September 2018

Steel processor combines sound work ethic with CNC punching technology to fuel growth and meet changing customer needs

Featuring: Sunrise Single-End Punch

A knockout punch

FF Journal, October 2017

Eclectic multipurpose shop adopts automatic plate processing system, simplifying and speeding workload

Featuring: Sunrise Angle/Plate Processing System

Shear Luck

Fab Shop Magazine, June 2017

A Las Vegas job shop hits the jackpot with an investment in automated plate processing equipment

Featuring: Sunrise Angle/Plate Processing System

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