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Sunrise Review – Nevada Precision

Sunrise Review – Steel Mart

Sunrise Review – Pittsfield Machine

Sunrise Review – Coosa Steel

Sunrise Review – Building Envelope Systems


SUNRISE K Series Ironworker Startup

SUNRISE Dual-Cylinder Start-up and Training Video

SUNRISE Single Cylinder K-Series Ironworkers

SUNRISE Ironworkers

Sunrise IW-66KB Ironworker Demo

Who is Sunrise – Ironworkers, Punching Machines

Sunrise PM-80T with 20ft ANC

Sunrise CNC Table Punching Angle

Sunrise CNC Punching Flange

Semi automatic cnc with 120″ table and CNC plate shear

SUNRISE Automatic CNC Plate Shear

Sunrise ANC – Automatic Punching Machine – Angles, Channels, Flat Bar – Custom Tooling

Sunrise CNC Ironworker Overview and Walk-Around Tour

CNC Systems

Sunrise APS – Plate System

Sunrise ALS – Angle System

Sunrise ACPS – Channel System



SUNRISE HBM 82 Horizontal Bending Machine

SUNRISE HBM Beam Straightening

SUNRISE HBM-82 Plate Shear

Sunrise HBM-45 Horizontal Bending Machine

Sunrise PC Controller

Sunrise PC Controller


Single-Vee Press Brake

Multi-Vee Press Brake

Urethane Stripper

Flip Stop System

Channel Shear

Pipe Notcher

SUNRISE – Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down

Sunrise Ironworker – Single End Punch – V Notcher – Angle Notcher

<br>20' In-feed table with squaring rollers <img src=image/plate4.jpg border=1><br>Touch-screen controller featuring multiple programs <img src=image/plate3.jpg border=1><br>Linear-Rail mounted squaring arm <img src=image/plate2.jpg border=1><br>Knurled drive roller featuring dual proximity sensors for accurate plate positioning <img src=image/plate1.jpg border=1><br>Mitsubishi Servo Motor Driven featuring dual linear encoders <br>Optional Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down <br>Optional Hydraulic Angle Shear Hold-Down
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