SUNRISE Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine

The hydraulic bending machine is the newest addition to the SUNRISE product line of high quality and reliable hydraulic metal working machines. A wide range of tooling is available for different bending operations. Custom tooling is also available.

SUNRISE horizontal bending machines (HBM) feature:

  • Excellent repeatability of stroke with an accuracy of +- 0.004″ with Digital Linear Encoder and Proximity Sensors
  • Programmable touch screen controller – Standard
  • Name brand electric and hydraulic components ensure machine reliability
  • CNC machined one-piece solid table design
  • A wide range of standard and custom tooling is available

Manual back gauge is included for accurate positioning.

HBMscreenshotBoth HBM models feature a programmable touch-screen controller with 50 program memory standard.

Trilogy Machinery offers 100% factory authorized service and support as well as a full stock of spare parts and accessories in our northern Baltimore Location.

New manual positioning HBM now available!

We found that the sample run on the machine nearly doubled our capacity on average.

Joseph Rashleigh
Amerex – Alabama

The Sunrise machines are workhorses!

Andrew Saville
Coosa Steel – Atlanta
The SUNRISE CNC backgauge extends the accuracy and efficiency of the HBM series horizontal bending machines. This optional equipment comes standard with an enhanced touch screen control and provides a very user friendly interface.
The CNC backgauge is accurate to ±0.004″ and when combined with the digitally controlled cylinder travel, achieves complex bending work with ease. The CNC backguage can be programmed to slightly retract immediately before bending to prevent damage from material movement. Control memory can store up to 99 programs with 10 bends each for quick and easy programming of a lot of different jobs.

SUNRISE Formed Parts

Capacities and Specifications
Model Capacity Cylinder Force Forward Speed Stroke Working Height Motor HP Weight PRICE
HBM-45 – Manual 8″ x 1/2″ 45 Tons 1.5″/ Sec 10″ 37″ 5 2275# $18,995
HBM-45 8″ x 1/2″ 45 Tons 1.5″/ Sec 10″ 37″ 5 2275# $21,995
HBM-82 12″ x 1/2″ 82 Tons 1.5″/ Sec 14″ 37.5″ 7.5 4575# $32,995

All Capacities in Steel – 65,000 PSI Tensile Strength

<br>20' In-feed table with squaring rollers <img src=image/plate4.jpg border=1><br>Touch-screen controller featuring multiple programs <img src=image/plate3.jpg border=1><br>Linear-Rail mounted squaring arm <img src=image/plate2.jpg border=1><br>Knurled drive roller featuring dual proximity sensors for accurate plate positioning <img src=image/plate1.jpg border=1><br>Mitsubishi Servo Motor Driven featuring dual linear encoders <br>Optional Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down <br>Optional Hydraulic Angle Shear Hold-Down
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