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Swebend Review – Atlantic Fabricators

SweBend Angle and Section Roll Videos

SweBend SB4B Four-Roll Angle Roll

SweBend SB3-140 Angle Roll

SB3H 75 Three roll section bending machine

Swebend SB3B 105 Section Bending Roll Spiral Rolling


The VSB3 400 3200 U profile bend


Powerful Section Bending machine – Swebend SB3S 105

CNC Tube Bender – Fast Spiralling Pipe Bending Machine

CNC for Bending machines – SEVEN for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Metal Shaping by SweBend

SweBend Plate Roll Videos

Swebend PB4B 12 4 4′ x 3 4 CNC Plate Roll

Plate Rolling machine Swebend PB4 4 (Turbo Production Package) (2017)

PB3 36 Second Draft

CNC Plate Roll – PB4-6-7 by SweBend

SweBend Specialty Machines

SweBend Flanging and Punching Machine

Revolutionizing Flange Fabrication with SweBend’s Precision Forming and Punching Machine – FM2

<br>20' In-feed table with squaring rollers <img src=image/plate4.jpg border=1><br>Touch-screen controller featuring multiple programs <img src=image/plate3.jpg border=1><br>Linear-Rail mounted squaring arm <img src=image/plate2.jpg border=1><br>Knurled drive roller featuring dual proximity sensors for accurate plate positioning <img src=image/plate1.jpg border=1><br>Mitsubishi Servo Motor Driven featuring dual linear encoders <br>Optional Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down <br>Optional Hydraulic Angle Shear Hold-Down
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