Sunrise APS Series

Automatic Plate Processing System

The Sunrise Automatic Plate System – APS –  is a fully automatic plate processing system that delivers unparalleled efficiency and precision for flat bar up to 12″ x 3/4″.

The Sunrise APS can seamlessly integrate with local internet networks via WiFi or Ethernet, granting access to various part files, such as DXF/NC1 files. For streamlined operations, offline software copies are available, facilitating efficient layout creation and swift upload to the machine. The Sunrise APS excels in applications such as base plates, connection plates, and more, offering unparalleled performance and precision.

Operation: The flat bar is placed onto the all-steel in-feed rollers, the pneumatic grippers engage and square the material, and the system automatically processes by punching and shearing to length using an industrial strength rack and pinion drive system.

The APS features user-friendly controls, an integrated safety frame and intuitive interfaces, making it accessible and easy to operate while being the safest system in the industry. Minimal training is needed, allowing operators to quickly adapt to the system and achieve efficient plate processing.


  • Shear: 180 Ton – No Slug Loss – Up to 12″ x 0.75″ Flat Bar
  • Punch: 88-Ton – Up to 2″ in 0.5″ Material or 1.5″ in 0.5″ with Triple Punch – 65,000 Tensile Material
  • Positioning Speed: Up to 50′ per Minute – Rack and Pinion – Variable Speed
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.006″/ Foot
  • In-Feed: 20′ Standard – Expandable to 50′
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Applications Include:

  • Base plates and connection plates
  • Washers
  • Support posts
  • Ladders

Get to know the APS Series

Standard Features
  • Rack and Pinion Drive System, expandable up to 50′.
  • Hydraulic hold-down for shearing
  • Triple punch feature with a hydraulic stripper – 1.5″ capacity center punch, 1.125″ side punches, individually controlled
  • Adjustable guide rollers for squareness
  • Anti-twist sheet support system ensures square cuts on every sheared part with no slug loss and only 6″ scrap per run.
  • Automatic pneumatic material clamping and squaring
  • Fully enclosed punching and shearing operations for operator safety
  • Integrated hydraulic oil cooling system
Optional Features
  • Light Curtain Safety System
  • Additional sections of automated in-feed
  • Part Stamp/Dot Peen Marking
  • Multi-Seat Software License
  • Single-Punch Option

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